Baki Season 2 Confirms Global Release Date

Baki The Grappler is one of the most high octane fighting anime around, and the recent iteration [...]

Baki The Grappler is one of the most high octane fighting anime around, and the recent iteration of the anime that was brought to life by Netflix is looking to get a second season! Netflix has not only confirmed that the brawling series is getting a second season, but has also confirmed when the further adventures of Baki and his friends will drop over the summer. With the series focusing on Baki's journey to become stronger than his nigh invincible father, each fight contains some of the most brutal blows and injuries that have been seen in an anime franchise.

Baki The Grappler first began in 1991, created as a manga by artist Keisuke Itagaki, following a young boy whose father was considered to be the strongest fighter in the world. In an attempt to surpass his dad, who is also not the best of people, Baki has underwent some serious training by battling against all challengers from yetis to yakuza gangsters to hardened soldiers that have the ability to control the chemicals within their own bodies. Needless to say, the franchise has managed to throw some idiosyncratic opponents for Baki to test his strength against!

Baki's upcoming season will premiere on June 4th this summer, with the official site sharing a poster that shows our lead fighter having seen better days, looking far more emaciated than we've ever seen him before!

Baki Poster
(Photo: Studio TMS/Double Eagle)

In the previous season of Baki, which was split into two installments released at different times on the streaming service of Netflix, the young fighter found himself facing down a number of criminals that had broken free from their imprisonment, sporting abilities that were far above those of normal fighters. With the convicts fighting against Baki and his friends, the life or death battles were winner takes all and the criminals weren't afraid to use the dirtiest of tricks to win. From using bombs, guns, knives, and dirty tricks, the convicts presented some of the greatest challenges that Baki had ever faced.

The current Baki series isn't the first time that we've seen the chronicles of these fighters, as this acts as something of a sequel series to the original series that premiered in 2001 with 48 episodes, following a much younger protagonist as he entered into numerous fights and a world wide fighting tournament.

If you haven't had the chance to check out Baki, now is the perfect time to do so before the premiere this summer!

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