Beastars Season 2 Drops New Character Posters

Beastars is gunning for a comeback next year, and fans are eager to welcome the ambitious series back. The show will drop season two starting this January, and there are plenty of questions awaiting answers following the finale of season one. Now, new artwork for Beastars has gone live, and it gives fans a close look at two familiar faces.

The posters were shared earlier this weekend by Orange, the studio who is overseeing Beastars. It was there fans got a look at Haru and several others, so you will be happy to know the gang are looking better than ever.

As you can see above, the first character design posted belongs to Haru. The heroine is looking rather cute in a cream school uniform with blue light accents. A brown belt cinches the outfit together, and Haru can be seen holding a watering can behind her back.

"Senior year dwarf rabbit. Had many relationships with various male in school but she has feelings for Legosi, who saved her. On the other hand, she's worried about Louis who went missing," Orange said about the heroine.

The studio also shared designs for Louis, Juno, Gohin, Ibuki, and Pina. Each of the characters are dressed smartly and can be found here. Of course, Orange gave brief teasers about the gang and their roles in Beastars season two. You can read up on the blurbs down below:

Louis: "Senior year red deer. Star actor with astouding level of charisma but he has a hidden past. Since Louis killed the Shishi-gumi boss, his whereabouts is unknown."

Juno: "Freshman year grey wolf. Loves Legosi. Cheerful and ambitious. With Louis missing, takes on the lead in the theater club. Has mixed feelings about herbivores."

Gohin: "Panda Doctor working at Backstreet Market. Legoshi's teacher for dealing with carnivorous instinct and fighting skills. Divorced 39 year old that you can rely on. Has a sharp tongue but takes care of animals."

Ibuki: "Member of Backstreet Marketcriminal organization, Shishi-gumi. While most members are rough brutes, Ibuki is clever and smart that at times shows thoughtfulness to others. Eye-glasses is the charm point."


Pina: "Freshman year dall sheep. A playboy that is very confident about his looks. A recruited new addition ot the theater club. Very honest about his feelings and often upsets animals around him."

What do you make of this new poster? Are you hyped for Beastars season two? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.