Beastars Creator Thanks Fans Following Series Ending with New Sketch

Beastars' manga is about to come to a close, ending the story of the anthropomorphic high schoolers such as Legosi and Haru from creator Paru Itagaki, and the mangaka has released a new sketch as a great big "thank you" to fans who have been following along with the anime franchise from the start. With the second season of the anime set to be released on the streaming service of Netflix next year, continuing the mystery of who has been murdering the "prey" of the school, it will be interesting to see where the story goes within the episodes of the anime!

Paru Itagaki, for those who might not know, is the daughter of the creator of the popular anime franchise known as Baki in Keisuke Itagaki. Though both properties were given anime series on Netflix, that's basically where the similarities end as Baki revolves around a young man attempting to become the strongest man in the world in order to defeat his insanely powerful father and Beastars has little to no fights within it, along with zero human beings. Both Baki and Beastars are showing no signs of stopping on Netflix, as the former has been renewed for a new season and we would imagine that a third season will be approved for Paru's "baby".

Paru Itagaki shared the new sketch, and thanks, as the Beastars manga approaches its finale, looking to close out the journey of Legosi, the once timid wolf who found himself in a relationship with the rabbit Haru while simultaneously attempting to control the "predator" that lies within himself:

The first season of Beastars' anime ended with the mysterious serial killer's identity still being a secret, though it solidified the relationship between Legosi and Haru and definitely gained an audience for the unique anime property!

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