Beastars Season 2 Releases New Poster

Beastars gained a number of new anime fans when it released on Netflix earlier this year, following the anthropomorphic adventures of a world wherein predators and prey are attempting to live peacefully side by side, and fans won't have to wait much longer for the arrival of the second season as a new poster has been dropped from Studio Orange! With the first season ending as the mysterious killer that plagued the high school in the anime's original installments still not being captured, there are definitely some unanswered questions that fans have been waiting to see revealed!

In the first season of Beastars, we were introduced to the likes of Legosi, the protagonist of the series who happens to be a timid wolf who struggles with the predator that is residing within himself. Attracted to a young rabbit named Haru, the two find themselves dragged into the world of a black market that sells certain items made up of "prey" to the predators of the world. With the manga for Beastars set to wrap shortly, there is still plenty of source material for the anime that landed on Netflix to adapt.

The Official Twitter Account for Beastars shared the new poster for the second season of the anime, showing off some of the new characters as well as returning favorites that are struggling to live in a world that many believe is similar to that of Disney's Zootopia:

Beastars became a runaway success when its first season of the anime debuted, even managing to get a live action stage play in Japan that hilariously dressed up its actors as the animals of the series. Though we don't know how many seasons the anime will have total, it's clear that Netflix is standing by following the success of the franchise.

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