Berserk: Kentaro Miura's Assistant Refutes Rumors Regarding Creator's Death

Fans of Berserk were left devastated this month when it was announced creator Kentaro Miura had [...]

Fans of Berserk were left devastated this month when it was announced creator Kentaro Miura had passed away. The artist left behind a glorious legacy in his 54 years, and his influence on fantasy has expanded well beyond the realm of manga. Now, some of those closest to Miura are speaking out about the loss, and one assistant is clearing up a rumor about the artist.

Taking to Twitter, Miura's chief assistant Kurosaki posted a message for fans. It was there the grieving artist corrected fans about any assumptions they might have had about Miura possibly living an unhealthy lifestyle ahead of his death.

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"I would like to correct a misunderstanding for the sake of Miura-sensei's reputation. People seem to be falsely assuming he was living a terrible life based on some end-of-the volume comments that were made over two decades ago," Kurosaki wrote.

"For the past 15 years or so, Miura-sensei have been having a pretty balanced lifestyle, with a good diet and regular exercise. He was very healthy, and wasn't sufferings from any illnesses."

As you can see, Kurosaki has taken time to address any concerns from fans about Miura's tragic death. After his passing was announced, netizens did begin to speculate how Miura handled his last days and months. Berserk found itself on hiatus more often than not for undisclosed reasons, but it seems Miura was simply taking care of his health at those junctions. It has been confirmed that the artist did pass away at the start of May after suffering from an aortic dissection. The event is often considered a medical emergency, and some wondered if the stress of publishing manga made Miura more susceptible to such a problem. Now, all the fandom can do is mourn the artist's loss, and Kurosaki wants everyone to know Miura led a wonderful life until the end.

Have you been reading up on Berserk to honor Miura at this time? Let us know in the comments below how you're paying tribute to the legendary artist.

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