Berserk Art Imagines Terrifying Star Wars Crossover

One of the strongest aspects of Berserk as an anime franchise is the insane level of detail given [...]

One of the strongest aspects of Berserk as an anime franchise is the insane level of detail given to its manga from creator Kentaro Miura, with some of the most terrifying monsters of the medium stalking the world of Guts and the Band of the Hawk, and one fan has merged the dark series with one of the scariest villains in the Star Wars series, Darth Vader! The Godhand in Berserk are the leaders of the Apostles, the names given to the demons that descend upon Earth, and this graphic fusion takes Anakin Skywalker and imagines him being added to the stable!

Guts has lived a difficult life, to say the least, having spent his entire life swinging a sword as a mercenary since he was a toddler. Though he was able to find some measure of peace by joining the group of the Band of the Hawk, it was short lived as his best friend Griffith sacrificed both Guts and his friends in a bid for power from the leaders of the demonic hordes. With the series hinting that Guts' long time journey is reaching its end via the latest chapter in Berserk's manga, fans are hyped to see how the long running anime franchise will come to an end.

Reddit User BadAlchemist85 shared this amazing computer generated art work that blends Darth Vader from the Star Wars franchise and the God Hand of Berserk, creating one of the most terrifying fusions of anime and the silver screen that we've seen for some time:

If Darth Vader had a Behelit from r/Berserk

The future of Star Wars is a bright one, with series such as The Mandalorian on Disney+ being continuing to bring the franchise into the spotlight. Though movies within the universe of the Skywalkers are still up in the air as to when a new trilogy will be released down the line, it's clear that there will always be a passionate fan base that follow the series created by George Lucas under the Disney banner! While we don't ever foresee these two franchises crossing over, these fan works are definitely the next best thing!

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