Berserk Updates Fans on Next Chapter Release Date

The last chapter of Berserk hinted that the journey of Guts and his quest to gain revenge against [...]

The last chapter of Berserk hinted that the journey of Guts and his quest to gain revenge against the one time leader of the Band of the Hawk might be coming to an end, and the manga has informed fans when they can expect the highly anticipated next chapter of the series to drop. With Casca finally regaining her sanity but still carrying the psychological scars that took place as a result of the "Eclipse", fans are sitting on the edge of their seats to see where the story goes as it seemingly moves closer to its end.

In the manga itself, Guts has been travelling for some time to not only eliminate Griffth but find a way to bring back Casca's mind from the brink of insanity. With Guts and his comrades encountering the land of the fairies, they were greeted by magical beings that allowed them to venture directly into Casca's mind to help fix her broken psyche and bring her back to the soldier she once was. The return is bittersweet for Guts however as Casca seemingly can't even be in his presence without collapsing and passing out, as the black swordsman reminds her of the terror she underwent during the ceremony that gave Griffith the terrible power he had always longed for.

Twitter User RanobeSugui shared this printed update, showing us that the next highly anticipated chapter of Berserk will be dropping on June 26th of this year, giving fans a little over a month to prepare for the next soul shattering installment of the journey of Guts:

Some Berserk fans have waited years, if not decades, to see how the journey of Guts will come to an end, with the series beginning its run in the latter half of the 1980s! At the conclusion of the previous chapter, Skull Knight appeared once again in front of Guts and told the weary demon slayer that he was witnessing the "end of his journey". Though it might still be years off until the end, it's definitely nice for fans to know that the end is on its way for Guts' long quest.

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