Berserk Art Gives Us Jaw Dropping Painting Of The God Hand

In the world of Berserk, there is more horror than fans of the series can possibly comprehend but [...]

In the world of Berserk, there is more horror than fans of the series can possibly comprehend but perhaps there is no scarier threat than that of the Godhand and one comic book artist has decided to honor the rulers of the underworld in the universe of Guts, Griffith, and Casca with a jaw dropping painting. With the Godhand fundamentally changing the course of Berserk's history and causing the event that allowed Griffith to betray his fellow members of the Band of the Hawk in his quest for power and to bring a new era to the world under his "benevolent" rule.

Dave Rapoza is a fantastic artist when it comes to the world of comic books, having created an interesting and hilarious web comic called Steve Lichman that places a Dungeons and Dragons villain as its main protagonist. On top of his own creative works, Rapoza has also done work in the past for Marvel Comics as well as a comic book series for the video game property known as Destiny. With a Patreon of his own, he generally will use his talents to put together breath taking paintings, with his latest effort capturing the Lovecraftian horror of the villains of Berserk that still have influence over the franchise to this day.

Rapoza shared this amazing Berserk painting that gloriously depicts the antagonists that added Griffith to their ranks, recreating the former leader of the Band of the Hawk into the demonic Femto, who eventually made his way back to Earth and has forged an understanding between the world of man and the world of the demons:

The Godhand doesn't appear to be villains that Guts can seem to defeat, with the god-like beings existing on a different plane of existence and being responsible for the Apostles that swarm the Earth and have caused so much damage within the franchise of Berserk. The members themselves are made up of Void, Slain, Ubik, Conrad, and of course, the changed Griffith who has taken on the moniker of Femto.

Berserk's manga is currently hinting that the end of the long running franchise is on its way, though we are certainly interested to see what the Godhand's role will be in the final chapters!

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