Black Clover Shares Updated Opening Theme

Black Clover's latest episode has officially taken its first steps into the next huge arc of the series as Asta and the other Black Bulls explore the other kingdoms surrounding the Clover Kingdom in order to find out more about the threat of the Devils. It's an arc that fans of the original manga are still learning the complete scope of with each new chapter, so it's an interesting place for the anime to be with. It's probably why the first episodes of this new arc are a two part flashback conveying the events of the series thus far through Secre's eyes.

But while the anime has started this new arc with a brief break into filler (which could end up being a tease of what's to come), the most exciting aspect of Episode 123 of the series is that it debuted an updated opening theme for the anime. Not only does this theme better reflect what has happened in the last few episodes, there are even greater teases of what's to come from the new allies and enemies in the Spade Kingdom arc.

Black Clover's anime still has the tenth opening theme, "Black Catcher" as performed by Vickeblanka, but now that the mysteries of that opening have been completely revealed (and characters like Licht have moved on) it's time to set up more. Much like the other spoiler heavy opening themes in the anime thus far, this new version of the tenth opening theme sequence gives us a better look at the characters first revealed in the ending theme sequence.


Soon Asta and the other Black Bulls will find out more about the dangers of the Spade Kingdom, and will need to find some quick allies in order to combat these upcoming threats. Now that the Clover Kingdom has been weakened following the events of the Reincarnation arc, Asta and the others are more vulnerable than ever as the anime continues to unfold through this mysterious arc.

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