Black Friday Anime Sale Offers Insane Deals

It's that time of year again where Black Friday sales are running rampant across the board, and the company of Sentai Filmworks is getting in on the action by giving us a ton of crazy new deals that are selling complete collections of franchises that fall under the banner of this legendary licensing company. From Haikyuu! to Food Wars to High School of the Dead to Parasyte, some of the biggest anime series are currently available for fans to pick up at astoundingly low prices, as the Black Friday sale has already begun and will be in place until the end of this month!

Sentai Film Works has licensed a strong number of anime series and movies during their history, first established in 2008 and making good use of their time over the past twelve years. Recently, a number of Sentai Film Works properties were lost from the streaming service of Crunchyroll, so this is definitely a great sale for anime fans that have been looking to add some of these collections to their libraries.

Sentai Film Works shared the big Black Friday Anime Sale via their Official Twitter Account, sharing some of their biggest properties for fans to grab up at prices that drastically slash the original cost of each of these units, giving fans the opportunity to add some big new series to their collections:

Two of the most popular franchises that Sentai Film Works has employed are easily Haikyuu! and Food Wars, with the two "slice of life" series deciding to take the "mundane" tasks of cooking and playing volleyball, and making them into the basis for two of the biggest anime franchises around. Needless to say, these two series are well represented in this Black Friday Sale, to say nothing of the numerous other anime franchises that have been licensed by Sentai Film Works over the course of its history.

Will you be picking anything up from this Black Friday Anime Sale? What's your favorite property licensed by Sentai Film Works? Feel free to let us know in the comments or hit me up directly on Twitter @EVComedy to talk all things comics and anime!


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