Bleach Cosplay Brings Hollow Ichigo Out of the Shadows

It wasn't too long that fans saw Hollow Ichigo in all of his glory, and they miss him still. Bleach last pushed the hero into the form several years ago when the manga came to an end. Still, there are fans who bring the form to life through cosplay and fan-art. One of them is none other than Masuko Cosplays who hit up followers with their take on the Soul Reaper not too long ago.

The picture, which can be seen below, shows how Hollow Ichigo might look like in real life. The photoshoot captures the fan dressed as one of Hollow Ichigo's final forms. Back in the day, Bleach fans saw how the Soul Reaper commanded his Hollow powers with half a mask, but this full-on form comes from later on in the series.

As you can tell, this Bleach cosplay is spot on with what is seen in the anime. The fan opted to use body paint for their torso to bring out Hollow Ichigo's pale skin and tattoos. A pair of black trousers complete the look with a loose white belt.

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"I'm not fighting because I want to win. I'm fighting because I have to win." Ichigo Kurosaki . . . 🇬🇧I forgot to post this photo from a 2018 shoot 😅 Better late than never! After what has been announced: polymanga is postponed until August. Unfortunately, I may not be able to be part of the adventure 😔 Next con: Japan Expo? 🇫🇷 J'ai oublié de poster cette photo d'un shoot de 2018 😅 Mieux vaut tard que jamais ! Après ce qui a été annoncé: la polymanga est reporté à Août. Je risque malheureusement de pas pouvoir faire partie de l'aventure 😔 Prochaine Convention: Japan Expo? _______ Character: Ichigo Kurosaki🍓 Manga: Bleach 🍶 Photo 📷 and edit by @miki_98 _______ #anime #animelover #animecosplay #cosplayworld #manga #mangacosplay #cosplay #cosplayer #cosplayerofinstagram #cosplayphoto #cosplayphotography #cosplayphotoshoot #cosplaying #malecosplay #cosplayboy #frenchcosplayer #cosplaylover #bleach #bleachcosplay #bleachcosplayer #bleachlover #bleachfan #bleachanime #bleachbravesouls #ichigo #kurosaki #ichigokurosaki #ichigokurosakicosplay #ichigocosplay

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For the headpiece, Ichigo looks impressive in all the right way. The hand-made helmet has long horns which attach from the sides, and it carries a set of mean teeth. The red eyes finish off this helmet's look with ease... and that isn't to even mention the sword which Ichigo has in hand. If there was a better Hollow Ichigo cosplay out there, it is hard to imagine it looking better than this one!

What do you make of this Bleach cosplay? Do you believe it does Hollow Ichigo justice? Let me know in the comments or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB to talk all things comics and anime!

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