Burn the Witch Was Offered an Anime Way Sooner Than We Thought

Bleach might have ended its story years ago when it came to the manga, but the world of the Soul Society has finally returned with the upcoming final story line of "The Thousand Year Blood War Arc" and the spin off series of Burn The Witch, and a recent interview with franchise creator Tite Kubo revealed that the new story was given an anime far sooner than we all believed! Though the second season of the spin off series is still a long ways off, Burn The Witch has given fans a unique take on the world of the Soul Society!

Burn The Witch was unique in the fact that its two protagonists weren't shinigami like Ichigo Kurosaki and several of the other Bleach protagonists, but were witches who dealt far more with dragons than they did with Hollows, the supernatural threat that plagued the mortal world. With the two protagonists of Noel and Ninny working in "Reverse London" as a part of the Wing Bind agency, the series takes a very different approach overall from where Tite Kubo started with Bleach.

Bleach Burn The Witch
(Photo: Shueisha)

Tite Kubo participated in an interview with Natalie.MU going into detail about how the spin off of Burn The Witch had come to be and how the manga story was offered an anime almost immediately following the release of its first chapter, with Reddit User breaking down the following excerpt:

"Kubo again confirms that he received an offer to adapt Burn The Witch as an anime immediately after the one-shot was released. He was first asked to draw around 100 pages more of the story, enough to fill a volume with the one-shot included, but Jump instead told Kubo that he could draw as many pages as he likes."

The anime was produced by Studio Colorido, releasing three episodes of Burn The Witch on Crunchyroll for fans to experience this supernatural world. While a sequel for Bleach has yet to be hinted at, we're crossing our fingers that the resurgence of the Tite Kubo franchise will lead to further adventures in the world of reapers and Hollows.


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