Burn the Witch Was Made After Shueisha Requested More Bleach Content

Bleach was once one of the biggest Shonen series around, but when the anime and manga ended Tite Kubo's long run on the franchise, the adventures of Ichigo Kurosaki came to an end, but the world of the Soul Society was brought back to life thanks to the spin-off series of Burn The Witch and the creator recently participated in an interview breaking down how this side story came to be! Burn The Witch recently got its own anime adaptation, with a season two currently in the works, that explores a very different part of the world from what we came to know from the Shinigami!

In a recent interview with Tite Kubo with the outlet Natalie.MU, the mangaka went into detail about all things Burn The Witch, in which he broke down how a desire for more Bleach resulted in the creation of this side story that decides to follow witches instead of Shinigami. Burn The Witch won't be the last piece of Bleach material to be translated into an anime series, as Kubo has promised that the final arc of the franchise, The Thousand Year War Blood Arc, will be receiving its own television series in the future.

Bleach Burn The Witch
(Photo: Shueisha )

Reddit User Arturo-Plateado was able to translate the insightful interview, going into detail about the origins of the spin-off series as a manga, as well as the production of the anime by the animation house of Studio Colorido, translating the adventures of Noel and Ninny to a brand new audience:

"Kubo once again explains the origins of Burn The Witch: he was asked by the Jump Editor-In-Chief to write a one-shot for Jump's 50th Anniversary. The EIC wanted to see something original but also wanted more Bleach content, so Burn The Witch was born."


The future for Bleach is bright when it comes to these anime projects, but we're left wondering if we'll ever see Ichigo return with a sequel series that can once again return to the world of Soul Society. With the franchise being away for years until the arrival of Burn The Witch, there are certainly plenty of fans that are looking forward to the possibility of a sequel to one of the biggest Shonen series!

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