Bleach Creator Tite Kubo Shares His Top Weekly Shonen Jump Series

Bleach recently returned to the world of anime with the arrival of Bleach: Burn The Witch, a spin-off mini-series that followed witches operating within the realm of the Soul Society, and recently, the creator of the popular Shonen franchise shared his favorite entries in Weekly Shonen Jump, the publication that introduced the world to many of the most popular anime franchises. Though Bleach is no longer running new stories within the pages of Shonen Jump, it definitely left its mark and remains one of the most popular franchises to arrive thanks to the prolific publication.

Fans of Bleach are waiting on word as to when the series will continue with its previously announced expansion in the anime adaptation of the "Thousand-Year Blood War Arc", which was the final story to be published that followed the adventures of Ichigo Kurosaki and the Soul Reapers. Outside of Burn The Witch, the series hasn't returned with any new stories about the Soul Society as of yet, but fans are crossing their fingers that we'll eventually see Bleach return. With this year marking another big anniversary to the Shonen series, an art exhibit by Kubo himself will be landing in Japan later this year, celebrating the story of Ichigo and his Hollow fighting friends.

Twitter Outlet WSJ_Manga shared a recent excerpt from the "Tite Kubo Fan Club" wherein the Shonen mangaka took the opportunity to share three of his favorite manga series currently being published by Weekly Shonen Jump, including the likes of Undead Unluck, Sakamoto Days, and High School Family:

If you aren't familiar with these series that Tite Kubo is currently consuming, let's break down these Weekly Shonen Jump favorites. Undead Unluck debuted last year, following the adventures of "Undead" as he navigates a world of "Negators" that are given missions to accomplish by the book labeled "Apocalypse". Sakamoto Days is a hilarious story that sees a retired hitman attempting to run a store while raising a family, in a very similar style as John Wick and Nobody. High School Family follows the young high-schooler Kotaro, who discovers that every other member of his family is also attending his school alongside him.

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