Burn The Witch Creator Promises Future Bleach Easter Eggs

Burn The Witch creator Tite Kubo promises there will be more Bleach Easter Eggs in the future! [...]

Burn The Witch creator Tite Kubo promises there will be more Bleach Easter Eggs in the future! Although it wasn't quite what fans were expecting to see at first, Bleach creator Tite Kubo returned for a brand new one-shot project back in 2018. Burn The Witch ended with a cliffhanger that tied it into the events of Kubo's previous series by confirming that the main characters actually worked for a Western Branch of the Soul Society seen in that first series. This one-shot proved so successful that Shueisha immediately wanted more of this new project.

Kubo then returned for a four chapter limited series for Burn The Witch last year, but soon Bleach fans realized that the Easter Eggs began and ended with the Soul Society connection. Kubo, however, noted that there will be more Easter Eggs for Bleach fans to keep an eye out for in the next "season" of the manga series.

As reported by @edomonogatari on Twitter, Kubo teased some of what's to come for Burn The Witch's second batch of chapters during a special panel at Jump Festa 2021 Online late last year. While Kubo noted that he wants to focus on building the world of his newest project even more in Season 2 without it breaching too much into his previous work, there will be some "fanservice" for fans to keep an eye out for!

While Season 2 of Burn The Witch refers to the next wave of chapters for the limited series, there's still no confirmed release date for these new chapters just yet. Not only that, but there's no word on whether or not the second batch of chapters could be adapted into a second theatrical film project. Kubo also previously mentioned how the second season was announced before he was ready, so it's going to be a while before we see what's coming next for Kubo's newest world.

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