Bleach: Thousand-Year Blood War Cut a Major Scene from Episode 2

This month marked the return of Bleach, and the anime struck out today with an all-new episode. After an epic premiere, Ichigo Kurosaki is reeling from a mysterious plot against the Soul Society and the World of the Living. This week, fans watched as both realms dealt with the incoming war, but one important scene seems to have been cut from episode two. 

The moment in question comes from the start of the Thousand-Year Blood War arc. Following the Soul Society's first invasion, the Gotei 13 was left stunned by the death of Yamamoto's vice-captain. Chojiro Sasakibe marks the arc's first major death, and in the manga, his funeral sparks an important scene with Byakuya Kuchiki... but it is not included in the anime.

What's Missing?

If you have read all of Bleach, you will know the scene in question takes place with the Captain General after Sasakibe's death. When approached about the vice-captain, Byakuya says the old man's grief is impossible to comprehend as Yamamoto and Sasakibe were partners for centuries.

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"Chojiro Sasakibe was a man who swore to remain an assistant captain for life as long as [Yamamoto] was alive. This man used Bankai for the first time in battle and died. The Captain General's grief is beyond the imagination of us neophytes," Byakuya shares.

In the anime, this scene is cut as the captains simply honor Sasakibe in silence. There is no doubt this cut was made for pacing's sake, but fans admit the fallen vice-captain deserved a better memorial than what he got. So if you want to see the aftermath of Sasakibe's death in full, you can find it in Tite Kubo's manga. 

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