Bleach: Thousand-Year Blood War Shares Episode 6 Promo

It has been years since Bleach dominated the anime fandom, but here we are again. After a decade off the air, Ichigo Kurosaki returned to television this fall with a brand-new show. Now, Bleach: Thousand-Year Blood War is at top form, and it has brought a war to the Soul Society. Soon, its newest episode will go live, and we have been given a first look at episode six to hype up fans.

The official website for Bleach posted several images from episode six, and of course, fans were quick to pour over the stills. As you can see below, none of them bring Ichigo to center stage, but they do promise the Soul Society invasion is about to heat up.

What Do the Images Tell Us?

As you can tell, the first stills focus on Ywach and Captain Yamamoto as the two Soul Reapers go head to head. The Quincy leader looks more intimidating than ever as he stands in the glow of Yamamoto's fire. The old man may be injured, but his power is on full display in these stills. And if you check out Toshiro's still, you can see just how intense the captain general's fire really is.

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The fourth still is rather different from the rest. While the others focus on Yamamoto's fire, the last image highlights Unohana. The Soul Reaper captain is known for her healing abilities, and they became a favorite in Bleach years ago thanks to their demeanor. However, this still seems to show Unohana in a different light. The soft-spoken, gentle captain is gone in lieu of one with sharpened features. And if you have read the manga, well – you know where Bleach is about to take Unohana.

For those wanting to watch this episode live, Bleach will drop it on Monday, November 14th on Hulu in the United States. Disney+ is streaming the series outside of the United States. And of course, all of Tite Kubo's manga can be read online through Manga Plus or the Shonen Jump app.

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