Bleach: Thousand Year Blood War Pits Ichigo Against Uryu in New Poster

Bleach's Thousand Year Blood War sees the Soul Society's strongest Soul Reaper, Ichigo, face down the newest Sternritter Ishida.

Bleach: Thousand Year Blood War has been one of the biggest anime comebacks of the summer anime season, wasting little time in seeing the Wandenreich re-start their assault on the Soul Society. While the Shinigami have figured out how to get their Bankais back, Yhwach, the leader of the Sternritter, had a trick up his sleeve that granted his minions some serious upgrades. As the second cours continues from Studio Pierrot, a new poster sees Ichigo Kurosaki staring down Uryu Ishida, the new heir apparent to the Wandenreich's leader.

Uryu Ishida's turn to the dark side threw many Bleach fans for a loop, with the turncoat moment being revealed as the final stinger of the first course of the Thousand Year Blood War. Ishida's allegiance switching to the Sternritter makes sense when you consider that Uryu is a Quincy, the bloodline that has serious ties to Yhwach's forces. While it is entirely possible that Ishida is working undercover, he has been standing side-by-side with Yhwach as the assault against the Soul Society continues in the anime adaptation. Ichigo and his allies have yet to learn of Ishida's new title as the heir apparent to the Wandenreich's leader, but they're sure to find out sooner or later.

Bleach: Ichigo Vs. Ishida

Following the first horrific defeat handed to the Soul Society by Yhwach's forces, numerous Shinigami have taken the opportunity to train in new, distinct ways to prepare for a re-match. In the case of Ichigo Kurosaki, the substitute Soul Reaper has gained some new powers thanks to taking an entirely new approach to how he sees his Zanpakuto. Ichigo might not be on the battlefield at the moment, but Kurosaki is on his way.

The Thousand Year Blood War is planning to be released over the course of four cours, but there hasn't been word so far as to Bleach's anime future once this adaptation comes to a close. While a new chapter was released from creator Tite Kubo following the Soul Society years after the fight against the Sternritter, the mangaka hasn't confirmed if new installments are on the horizon

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