Bleach: Thousand-Year Blood War Adapts the Story's Goriest Scene Yet

Bleach: Thousand-Year Blood War is back with a new episode, and this week put our Soul Reapers in a rough spot. Ywach and his troops have invaded the Soul Society as we all know, and they are taking no prisoners. A number of heroes have been maimed if not killed. And this week, the anime got around to adapting one of the manga's goriest scenes period.

The moment came courtesy of Byakuya as he continued to fight against As Nodt. The Quincy has proven to be a powerful foe, and of course, things were made worse when Byakuya lost access to his Bankai. The tides of their battle has shifted, and As proved as much by using The Fear to make the captain see Rukia's gruesome death.

What Happened to Byakuya?

In the manga, fans were shown the horrifying moment years ago, and Studio Pierrot just Brough the face-melting moment to life. As you can see below, this week's episode shows Byakuya experiencing The Fear, and that is where he sees a vision of Rukia. His younger sister is alive and well in the shot when she turns her head to Byakuya. But once the siblings make eye contact, well – her face melts off in the most horrifying manner.

Of course, this sight leaves Byakuya stunned, and it is then he learns the true might of As. Ywach gave the soldier the ability to inflect intense horror and dread within those he battles. Of course, this means Byakuya's psyche was picked apart by As, and the Quincy learned Byakuya feared little. The thing he is most scared of is failing Rukia and losing her. So this scene? Yeah, it was pretty damning to watch.

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Studio Pierrot did not censor a bit in adapting this scene, and so far, that has been true for much of Bleach: Thousand-Year Blood War. The team promised to keep things real in this series, and fans have loved every moment of it. And as the Soul Society Invasion continues, more gnarly moments are on the horizon.

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