Naruto Has Discovered Some Important Info on Kara in Boruto

Naruto Uzumaki has dealt with a lot in his life, so he knew that his time as Hokage would be no different. From day one, the hero has experienced a wild time while leading the Hidden Leaf. Of course, that has only become more true as time has passed, and a new episode of Boruto: Naruto Next Generations just turned the hero around with some startling news.

The information was shared in episode 176 of Boruto which debuted recently. The update checked in on Team 7 after the group brought down Deepa, and the heroes have returned home. Of course, that means Boruto's team had to debrief before the Hokage, and it was there Naruto learned a difficult truth about Kara.

Boruto Kara Organization Return
(Photo: Studio Pierrot)

It turns out the shadowy organization has been seeding spies within the Hidden Leaf longer than anyone expected. In fact, it seems the group was doing just that under Naruto's nose. The Hokage is warned by Konohamaru that Kara has an extensive network of informants, and these people are called Outers. These are the people who feed the Inner Kara members important information, so the group has forced Outers into all of the Hidden Villages. And yes, that includes the Hidden Leaf.

This update was surprising to say the least. Naruto was taken aback by the info dump, and he was not alone. Even Shikamaru was blown away by the news, and the leaders were forced to come up with a game plan to stifle any leaks. Rather than shutting the village's gates, Naruto decided to put in the extra espionage work to suss out moles, and fans are hoping this plan works. After all, Kara isn't a group you want to treat lightly, and there is no telling who might be acting as one of its informants.

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