Naruto Welcomes Back Jigen in Ominous New Clip

Naruto Uzumaki knows a thing or three about vessels considering he is one. The ninja has spent his life navigating the complex relationship between him and Kurama, but not every vessel gets that chance. In fact, fans know one vessel is having trouble after a new episode of Boruto nodded to them, but the thing standing in their way is none other than Jigen.

Yes, you read that right. Jigen is back in action and has returned to Boruto: Naruto Next Generations. If you do not remember, the shadowy figure happens to be the leader of Kara, a strange new organization that seems determined to wreak havoc on the world much like the Akatsuki before it. But as Jigen says, he needs a vessel before he can take his organization even further.

The conversation took place at the end of Boruto's new episode. The anime checked in on Jigen and Victor after the old man escaped battle with Orochimaru. It was there the old man shared news of Deepa's death, and he pinned the entire botched operation on the late Kara member.

As the ominous clip goes on, Boruto fans get a distinct feeling that Jigen does not believe Victor's claims, and the old man does not seem to like his master very much. When the pair part ways, Victor grows more determined than ever to steal the vessel that Jigen is preparing for himself. And if you read the manga, you will know exactly who this person is. After all, the show first introduced the boy in episode one, and Kawaki has been itching to make an appearance on-screen ever since.


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