Boruto Reveals the Secret Behind Kawaki's Body

Boruto has finally done what fans have requested for well over a year, and the anime is glowing for it. At long last, the anime has started adapting the manga in earnest, and 2021 has been a good run for the sequel as such. These days, the Hidden Leaf has hit a new era following the debut of Kawaki, and it turns out there is more to the boy than audiences thought.

The revelation came at the end of the latest Boruto: Naruto Next Generations episode. The whole thing went viral for its stellar animation this week, and fans are starting to pick apart its most important details. At the end, fans were finally told a bit about Kawaki's unnatural powers, and it turns out his entire has been turned into a scientific tool.

Boruto Naruto Kawaki Karma Anime
(Photo: Pierrot)

Kawaki's secret was shared by Katasuke once the ninja was able to get a look at Kawaki. A quick once-over confirmed Kawaki's body was enhanced with scientific tools that are on par with the Seventh Hokage's prosthetic hand. Rather than fearing Kawaki, it seems Katasuke is more eager to learn how his body ticks, but he does make a clear distinction when asked.

As fans were shown, Kawaki was human to begin with, and his body is still primarily so. The ninja tools haven't qualified him as a cyborg in any way. As for why Kawaki had to undergo such alterations, fans aren't quite sure. Kawaki has only been called the Vessel up until now, so the scientific upgrades may stem from the title. So for now, Boruto fans can speculate about Kawaki's past until more is brought to light.


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