Boruto Explains Why Naruto's New Nine-Tails Form is Fatal

Naruto Uzumaki is well aware of the dangers associated with the Tailed Beasts. As the host of the Nine-Tails, Naruto has matured his relationship with Kurama after a lot of hard work, but there are still some risks he cannot avoid by being a host. And thanks to a recent chapter, fans have learned why exactly his new Nine-Tails form will kill him before long.

Fans were taken aback when it was announced Naruto was willing to defeat Isshiki at all costs. The Otsutsuki will stop at nothing to get his vessel back, but Naruto knows such success would mean war for the Great Nations. In order to keep things peaceful, Naruto opts to sacrifice his life by using a suicidal Nine-Tails form, and fans have learned why the power boost is so deadly.

(Photo: Shueisha)

Kurama explains it best himself when he says the form works much like nuclear fusion. "My chakra and your chakra are serving as the kernels to produce a whole other, new type of energy," he says.

"As the raw materials to create this energy, my chakra and yours get consumed until one or both our lives run out."

Clearly, Kurama was serious when he said this technique is fatal, and it seems like Naruto is serious about dying if it means taking out Isshiki. The new chapter goes on to follow Naruto as he uses his new powers, and they nearly take him out early. This form is expending chakra at an unheard rate, and it will eventually deplete Naruto's stores. When that happens, the hero will die much in the same way Chiyo, Kakashi, and Gai did once. But this time around, there will be no deus ex machina to revive the hero at the last moment.


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