Boruto Has Put a Time Limit on Naruto’s Lifespan

Naruto Uzumaki is one of the most powerful ninja to ever live, and his story is known to millions of fans the world over. After proving himself worthy to the world, Naruto began a new chapter of his life as the Hokage by the time Boruto: Naruto Next Generations came around. The manga has been very open about all of the hero's journeys since taking power, but after unlocking a new form, it seems a hard time limit has been put on Naruto's life.

The revelation came with the recent release of chapter 52. The update checked in on Naruto after the man showed off his new form, but the power comes at a price. Kurama warned Naruto the new form would kill them both once unlocked, and it seems the Hokage's lifespan is ticking down at a rapid pace.

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According to Kurama, the pair will likely die before Isshiki does. The beast said as much once it was revealed the villain has only 30 minutes left to live, so you can see why fans are freaking out.

"The drawbacks are too great. We'll end up dying before he does," Kurama says before informing Naruto of the only way they can beat Isshiki before dying.

"You see, the downside that it shortens our lives is the key because the chakra is connected, this same power that comes into being from bits of our lives also shaves off his life when it comes in contact with him."


As you can see, anytime Naruto comes close to Isshiki spells trouble for the villain. The hero being near inundates Isshiki with life-sapping chakra. By the end of the chapter, the manga assures fans the Otsutsuiki only has ten minutes left to live. So if Kurama was correct, well - it seems like Naruto will pass on in less than an hour unless something is done to save him.

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