Boruto Finally Introduces Key Ao Arc Character to the Anime

Boruto: Naruto Next Generations has officially kicked off the extended Kara saga in the anime with the latest couple episodes of the series, but fans might have noticed that it's been progressing in a much different way than in the original manga run of the series. Compiling original ideas with some previously established events, the original Kara Actuation arc has begun to tease new Kara Inner members and more. But the newest episode also brought in a familiar face from the manga, one that plays a key role in the Ao arc of the series. Does this mean we're getting to see the Ao arc animated soon?

Episode 158 of the series officially introduced the mysterious Mugino, a Hidden Leaf Shinobi who has been out on missions for the last three years helping smaller villages and more stop smaller wars from breaking out from across the region. But for fans who might have seen him in the manga previously, Mugino's debut in the manga comes under much different circumstances than here.

Mugino's first mission back with the Hidden Leaf Village is to accompany Konohamaru and Team 7 to a search and rescue mission to the Land of Valleys because Mugino is aware of the area. Konohamaru reveals that he and Mugino have a past with one another, and that he's relied on this mysterious ninja many times in the past. This mission is not seen in the manga series (nor does he even meet Boruto and the others beforehand), but with Mugino now officially part of the series the groundwork is being placed for a bigger fight to come.

Boruto Naruto Mugino Ao Arc Anime Debut Kara Actuation
(Photo: Shueisha)

With Kara already making their appearance, it seems like the anime will be sharing a much different take on the Ao arc than we are used to. Elements of this arc might be skipped over in favor of providing a new story featuring the new member of Kara made for the anime, as Mugino plays a key role in a scientific ninja tool mission that will presumably come after this. Then again, if the Ao arc is folded into this...maybe Mugino will play a pivotal role here? But what do you think?


Will Mugino survive through the Kara Actuation arc? Does his arrival here mean that the events of the Ao arc won't be coming to the anime or is it allowing more time for Mugino before some choices need to be made for the mission? Let us know your thoughts in the comments or you can even reach out to me directly about all things animated and other cool stuff @Valdezology on Twitter!