Boruto's Newest Episode Introduces Original Kara Member to the Anime

Boruto: Naruto Next Generations has officially begun the Kara Actuation arc, and the newest episode of the series introduced the original Kara member made exclusively for the anime. When the Kara Actuation arc was first announced for the anime, it was revealed that it would be an all-new arc made specifically for the anime that brings the Kara group into the adaptation in a different way than in the manga run of the series. One of the bigger shake ups was the tease of a brand new member of the group, Deepa, who is now the seventh Inner.

Episode 158 of the series brings us another episode into this new arc, and now that Kara has officially made their debut in the anime, now we will begin to see the various members of the group making their way to the actual episodes. The first of which is this new member, who we see mysteriously eating a strange purple thing before jumping down a cliff for some nefarious reason.

With the roman numeral for seven on his face, much like the the tattoos the other Inners have in the original manga, Deepa is probably one of the more dangerous members of the group because we really have no idea what his role will be in the coming arc. Voiced by Tatsuya Kakihara, Deepa will be a dangerous entity going forward because he has no tie to prior events in the manga.

Deepa's tie to this arc thus far has something to do with the strange biological experiments Boruto and the others came across on their latest mission as random people are starting to go berserk with distinct strength boosts.That mysterious purple object he bit into could be a booster of some sort, and if Kara has anything to do with these experiments than Boruto and the others might have a bit more trouble on their hands than first expected. But what do you think?

Did you catch this mysterious introduction for Deepa? Curious to see what Kara will bring to the anime, especially with this original member? What do you think of the Kara Actuation arc's setup so far? Let us know your thoughts in the comments or you can even reach out to me directly about all things animated and other cool stuff @Valdezology on Twitter!

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