Boruto Saves SPOILER At Last

Today, fans were finally introduced to a turning point in Boruto. The sequel posted a brand-new chapter which fans have been awaiting for some time now. The update gave Boruto Uzumaki a massive power boost, but the ninja had work to do before he could flex. After all, the Hokage is in a pinch of trouble, and it fell to Boruto to save his father.

So you have been warned! There are spoilers for Boruto down below:

Boruto's latest chapter began on a high note as fans watched Sarada bring her Chidori to a close. The attack took a huge chunk of Boro, and the Kara member was none too happy about the attack. The whole ordeal prompted the villain to balloon in size as his scientific ninja gear malfunctioned, but it gave time for Boruto to finally save his dad.

As it turns out, Boruto and Kawaki were able to team up rescue the Seventh Hokage. The pair could not open the bowl by force, but Kawaki believed the pair could remove Naruto from it using Karma. After the two synced up their powers, Naruto was rescued from the sealed container, and Boruto was left shocked by his dad's condition.

After all, it isn't everyday someone is able to beat up Boruto the way Jigen did. Team 7 was so shocked to see Naruto passed out that they did not know what to do. They were then taken aback when Boro showed up again to cause trouble, but the team isn't about to leave Naruto alone. The Hokage is in need of medical attention, and Boruto won't let anyone get to his dad again.


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