Boruto Synopsis Teases Anime's Comeback Episode

Boruto has been out of commission for a couple of months, but it is about time the sequel hopped back into action. Naruto fans learned the show is slated to return later this month. Now, a short blurb has been released showing off the anime's comeback, and the synopsis will leave fans a bit overwhelmed.

The synopsis went live for episode 156 earlier today, and it gave fans an idea of how the Boruto: Naruto Next Generations comeback will go. It turns out the episode title is "I Can't Stay as Slim as I Want to Be, At All" so you can guess who it is about...

Yes, if you guessed it is all about ChoCho, then you are correct. The upcoming episode will follow ChoCho as she comes up against a foe who can eat as much as her. This is none other than Anko as the older ninja has a taste for sweets, and she is not afraid to show it.

Boruto Naruto
(Photo: TV Tokyo)

Of course, that means things get testy between the women when supply runs low on their favorite sweets. The episode will follow the women as they challenge one another to find more sweets, and you can guess how little fans are enthused by this filler episode.

After all, ChoCho has not been received well by fans, and the main reason audiences dislike the girl is because of her vapid personality. In the same way that Ino gained haters back in the day, ChoCho is mostly critiqued for her sole interest in being skinny and binge eating. These traits could be turned into something more constructive if Boruto cared to put in the work, but the sequel has other stuff to worry about for now. So when the anime returns this month, some fans will wish it had simply stayed off the air.


HT - Abdul Zoldyck