Naruto Teases First-Look at Kara Arc with Boruto Clip

It has been a couple of months since Boruto hit up fans with new episodes but that will change soon enough. It was late last month when fans learned the Naruto sequel planned to return to the air in July. With the release window closing in, fans are more curious than ever what this comeback will entail, and a brand-new clip is showing fans what they can expect from the upcoming Kara arc.

For those who are out of the loop, Boruto: Naruto Next Generations will return to TV in early July. The anime will move into a new arc known as the Kara Actualization arc shortly afterward, and that is a big deal for manga readers. After all, this arc hails from the manga specifically, and it introduces a villainous organization that puts the Akatsuki to shame.

A promo for the arc was released in Japan on a variety show, and it suits the tone of Kara. You can find the clip below if you would like to see things for yourself. The ominous promo begins with Sasuke and Sai taking a mission with one another, and it is to learn more about a group called Kara.

The pair discovered the group's existence during their work, but Boruto is also aware of the group. He was first teased about their fleet during the Mujina Bandits arc, and he knows Kara is connected to his karma mark. Of course, Naruto does not want his son sniffing around the new organization, so Team 7 gets sent on a mission to locate a missing person. Sasuke and Sai leave to investigate their own leads on Kara while the boy is preoccupied, so fans are eager to see how the anime handles the start of this new arc.


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