Boruto's Chunin Exam Reveals New Characters

The Chunin Exams are about to begin in the anime of Boruto: Naruto Next Generations, giving the members of Team 7 some new challenges to overcome following the brutal battle against Jigen which killed the Nine-Tailed Fox Kurama as a result. While these tests certainly won't be as dangerous as the fight against the Kara Organization, they're sure to have plenty of trials for the next generation of warriors within the ninja world and the anime-only story has given us a first look at some of the new ninjas that will be introduced in this arc.

For those who might not be as familiar with the Chunin Exams, they're a long-time tradition in the Shonen franchise, allowing the ninjas of Konoha, and the ninja world as a whole, the opportunity to show off their skills in a bid to get promoted to the level of Chunin. While the trials result in one-on-one battles, the decision of who will be promoted comes down to a combination of brawn and brains, as one of the biggest promotions from the past was Shikamaru, who was made a young leader thanks in part to his sharp mind on top of his shadow powers.

Twitter User Abdul_S17 shared the new image from the next installment of Boruto: Naruto Next Generations' anime which introduces viewers to two new ninjas in Wasabi and Namida, who have yet to be revealed to be friend or foe to the members of Team 7 in the Hidden Leaf Village: 

The official description for this upcoming episode which will kick off the Chunin Exams in Boruto reads as such:

"In order to increase their fighting power, a Chunin Exam is held. The classmates are competing against each other to become Chunin. Boruto's classmates have gained experience during their missions as Genin and each of them will show their growth and aim to become Chunin."

It might be quite some time before the anime once again swings into the events currently laid out in the pages of the franchise's manga, considering how close the television series is to its source material, but rest assured, the wait will be worth it.

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