Burn the Witch Manga Will Reportedly Resume Soon

Earlier this year, fans were surprised to learn Bleach's creator was ready to hop out of retirement in a big way. Tite Kubo announced he would pursue a Burn the Witch manga after his one-shot fared so well with fans. The manga would be accompanied by an anime adaptation, and Kubo has been quiet about the title ever since. But thanks to a new report, it sounds like Weekly Shonen Jump will start printing Burn the Witch real soon.

The update comes from WSJ_manga who alerted fans to newly surfaced details on Burn the Witch. The info appears to come from an early look at the upcoming issue of Weekly Shonen Jump, and it is there fans learned the manga will begin publication with issue 38.

At this time, the report has been left to fans to interpret since Weekly Shonen Jump's new issue will not go live until this weekend. However, netizens have flocked to WSJ_manga for reputable leaks before now, so they are willing to give this new report consideration.


If this is true, Burn the Witch will start before too long and run four chapters. There is no telling if Kubo might expand that number, but the manga's reported brevity has fans surprised. After all, Kubo is best-known for working on Bleach, and that series had well over a hundred chapters. But when it comes to this new title, Burn the Witch seems to contain a far more succinct story.

As for Kubo, the artist has been hard at work. Asides from the upcoming continuation of Burn the Witch, he is assisting its anime adaptation as well. This is to say nothing for Bleach's long-awaited return to TV next year, so we wish Kubo all the best with his current projects!


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