Bleach Creator's Burn the Witch Anime Confirms Initial Cast and Staff

2020 is going to be a seriously big year for the Bleach anime, with both the return of the main [...]

2020 is going to be a seriously big year for the Bleach anime, with both the return of the main series returning with an adaptation of the "Thousand Year Blood Arc" as well as an OVA series for the spin-off to the main franchise in "Burn The Witch", which has confirmed its cast, crew, and voice talent behind the series! The series will debut on an unconfirmed date this year, following characters that exist in the same world as Ichigo Kurosaki and the rest of the Soul Society but follows two characters named Noel and Ninii who are markedly different from the characters of the main series. These two happen to be witches and work directly for the Soul Society!

Bleach: Burn The Witch had been rumored to be debuting its own original video animated series for many months prior to its recent confirmation, and the reveal of the first official trailer proves that there is some serious creative juice flowing into the series itself. With Team Yamahitsuji and Studio Colorido behind the animation itself, it's clear that this is going to be one of the best looking chapters of the Bleach franchise to date!

Burn The Witch shared the official crew, staff, and the voice actors for the main characters via their Official Website, revealing that the series is aiming for an autumn release of this year and bringing us back into the world of the Soul Society that has been away for far too long:

Director: Tatsurou Kawano
Assist Director: Takako Shimizu
Script: Chinatsu Suzumura Chara
Design: Natsuki Yamada
Music: Keiji Inai
Studio: Team Yamahitsuji/ Studio Colorido

Voice Actors:
Yuina Yamada As Noel
Asami Tano As Spangle Ninii

From this new installment of Tite Kubo's franchise, don't expect to see a lot of Bankais being unleashed, but rather, magic and mysticism along with witches travelling on top of some magical steeds. The premise of this story revolves around the Wing Bird Headquarters within the Natural Dragon Management Agency, wherein our two witches attempt to "keep the peace" between the denizens of "Reverse London" in the Soul Society world and the mystical creatures that roam it, such as larger than life dragons. Needless to say, this is quite a different premise from what we've seen in Bleach so far!

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