Chainsaw Man Exec Reveals When the Anime Really Got Underway

Chainsaw Man has become this year's must-see anime, and at this point, it seems the entire Internet is ready to binge the series. October 11th will welcome the show at long last, and Studio MAPPA will oversee it in every way. From production to promotion, MAPPA has signed off on every piece of the show. And now, fans have learned when exactly the project got underway.

The whole thing came to light recently when anime fan pages caught wind of a recent interview done with Manabu Otsuka, the CEO of MAPPA. According to this interview, it turns out the studio started pursuing Chainsaw Man years ago. In fact, talks began long before Tatsuki Fujimoto's series became an international sensation.

"Chainsaw Man anime adaptation talks started as soon as he contacted Shueisha after reading the series' first volume in 2019," Otsuka shared. The executive went on to discuss the studio's goal for the anime, and it seems MAPPA is determined to adapt Chainsaw Man in the way Fujimoto's vision demands.

"Even though there're limits, [the team will] try to do their best when reproducing the original work as faithfully as possible. They'll try to exceed the expectations of the many fans of the series worldwide."

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As for fans, Chainsaw Man has kept them on the edge for months as MAPPA carried out work on the anime. Now, there is less than a month to go before the show launches. The hit series will begin airing on October 11th thanks to local networks and Crunchyroll. So if you need to catch up on Fujimoto's manga ahead of the premiere, you better get reading!

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