Chainsaw Man Finally Introduces Big Fan Favorites to the Anime

Chainsaw Man's anime is now tearing its way through its debut anime season for the Fall, and the newest episode of the series has brought two of the main faces we will be seeing in action over the rest of the series, Aki Hayakawa and Power! The first episode taking on Tatsuki Fujimoto's original manga series was focused on introducing fans to its main hero, Denji, who had been living such a harsh life that the fact that he ended up becoming a devil at the end of the premiere is actually the start of a much better life for him than ever before.

Episode 2 of Chainsaw Man's debut season picks up right after Makima recruits Denji for the Public Safety's Devil Hunters, and reveals more of those already working with the organization. It's here Denji meets two members of his squad (which has been revealed to be very unique from the other devil hunting squads), Aki, who will be leading him on missions, and the Fiend, Power, who shares many devil and human qualities like Denji but is a much different entity than he is. 

Who are Aki and Power? 

Aki and Power are two other members of the Special Division 4 of the Public Safety Devil Extermination Unit. It's explained that Denji and Power are both in this team without really many other options. If Denji denied joining this team he would be marked for death much like any other Devil, and is marked for death anyway while he's out on the field for future missions should he go out of control. Power's in the same boat since she's a Fiend (which is a devil that takes over a corpse), but her high level of rationality means she's useful to the devil hunters. 

Denji clearly already has had a rough first impression of Aki upon their first meeting (as Aki tried to get Denji to quit or he'd likely lose his life in a future fight), but Denji quickly accepted Power because he was fond of her chest. Through meeting these two we got to see more sides of Denji as he's not really used to dealing with other people in such a way. Now it's just a matter of seeing how the three of them make their way through the rest of the first season. 

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