Chainsaw Man Reveals Denji's Funniest Fight Yet

Chainsaw Man might be populated with terrifying devils that shed major blood and guts as they rain terror upon the human populace, but despite this fact, Tatsuki Fujimoto's Shonen franchise takes the opportunity to inject some serious humor during its story. Such is the case with the anime's second episode which sees Denji becoming a full devil hunter under Makima and unleashing his hilarious "ultimate attack" against Aki, following a tense meeting between the two warriors who must now fight side by side.  

Denji's dreams are meager ones, wherein the Chainsaw Devil isn't seeking fame and fortune but is simply working to attain a life that is on the same level as many regular citizens in his world. Jumping at the chance to have a full meal for the first time in years and becoming beyond excited to have different kinds of jam to spread on his toast, it's a dream come true for the Shonen protagonist, that is until he comes into contact with Aki. Aki is a seasoned devil hunter for the government, working beneath Makima and believing that Denji simply doesn't have what it takes to survive their deadly profession. 

(Photo: MAPPA)

When Aki physically attempts to stop Denji from continuing his new job, the Chainsaw Devil doesn't transform into his new bloody form, but rather, unleashes a rather hilarious fighting style in which he unleashes a barrage of kicks to Aki's crotch. Of course, Aki is unable to withstand these blows and Denji has continued his course in fighting against devils under Makima. Needless to say, this won't be the last time in the series that we see Denji and Aki butt heads.

Besides Denji's hilarious attacks, Chainsaw Man's second episode also features the introduction of Power, who hits the ground floor running by delivering hilarious dialogue along with a major display of her own abilities while fighting against the Sea Cucumber Devil. Tatsuki Fujimoto's Shonen series is one that can get quite violent, but its hilarity helps balance out the more dire moments of the franchise.

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