Chainsaw Man Poster Brings Makima and Denji Closer Than Ever

Chainsaw Man has brought its anime live at last, and it would put things lightly to say the show is a success. At just one episode in, netizens are obsessed with the series, and expectations are high for Studio MAPPA's show. And as fans await episode two, they've been given a new look at Makima x Denji thanks to a special poster.

The artwork comes courtesy of CUT, a magazine in Japan dedicated to all things entertainment. The publication is doing a feature on Chainsaw Man in its November issue, and you can see its cover art brings Makima closer to Denji than ever before.

The Anime So Far

Of course, Denji doesn't mind getting close to Makima, and the pair will have plenty of time to bond as season one goes forward. After all, Denji has been recruited as a Devil Hunter, and season six has shown just how powerful the boy is. After merging with Pochita, Chainsaw Man is as deadly to humans as he is devils, and Makima knows it.

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Episode one focused on Denji's origins before becoming Chainsaw Man, but now, the show is set to build up the world established in Tatsuki Fujimoto's manga. Episode two will go live this week, and its title confirms Makima is about to bring Denji to Tokyo. The boy is about to get a tour of the Devil Hunters HQ in the city, and of course, manga readers know it won't be long until Aki is introduced to Denji once the boy arrives.

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