Chainsaw Man Creator Returns to Twitter

Chainsaw Man's creator is riding high these days, as Studio MAPPA has adapted the early days of Denji as he finds himself gaining the power of the Chainsaw Devil and joining the Devil Hunters under the watchful eye of the mysterious Makima. Recently however, Tatsuki Fujimoto ran into some problems on Twitter, with his account being banned for some wild reasons, but fear not, for the mangaka has returned to the social media platform via a new account.    

Hilariously enough, Fujimoto's original account was banned due to Twitter's "age restriction rules", as the mangaka who is responsible for the creation of the likes of Denji, Power, Aki, and Makima, pretended to be his sister who was under the age of 13, breaking the rules of the social media platform. In creating a new account in "Ashitaka_Eva", the artist is taking the opportunity to share his thoughts while also giving fans the opportunity to look at never before seen sketches that help pad out the world of Denji and his fellow Devil Hunters. As Chainsaw Man's manga continues, and Fujimoto creates stories both inside and outside Denji's universe, we're sure that the manga artist will have plenty more art to share online.

Chainsaw Tweet

Tatsuki Fujimoto's new account got the ball rolling following the Twitter Drama that "nuked" his original account on the social media platform, with the artist sharing some dynamic new takes on Denji, Aki, and Makima, some of the heaviest hitters that helped to make Chainsaw Man a success:

In the latest episode of Chainsaw Man, Denji and Power met a number of their fellow devil hunters, as the new collection of warriors made their way into a mysterious building in which they were introduced to a disturbing devil that appears to have some nefarious tactics in play. Chainsaw Man is almost halfway through its first season in its anime adaptation from Studio MAPPA, but fans should prepare themselves for some of the wildest moments in any anime as Denji and his fellow devil hunters encounter some terrifying supernatural beings along the way.

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