Chainsaw Man Goes Viral Thanks to Makima's Real-Life Twin

Chainsaw Man is one of the most popular series in anime right now, and there is no denying its influence. From Japan to the United States, the series is breaking records with sales across the board. Of course, its heroes are gaining fans, and it is safe to say none are more popular than Makima right now. And thanks to one fan, Chainsaw Man is going viral as Makima's real-life twin has been found.

And who might it be? Well, we have a cosplayer to thank for the discovery. Over on Twitter, MIMARI got the whole fandom in a tizzy when they shared a photo of them on Halloween as their Makima costume turned them into the devil hunter's twin.

As you can see above, the cosplay put Makima in her usual black-white outfit. A pair of loose slacks are belted at the waist, and Makima's top is tucked in. With a black tie to match, the look finishes out with a dark trench coat and pink wig that is styled into the perfect updo. It looks like Makima just leaped off the screen here, and you can see why hundreds of thousands of fans have shared the cosplay.

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After all, Makima has become one of anime's top girls following her debut this fall. The devil hunter has a very complex relationship with Denji, but so far, the anime has made Makima out as a saint. While Power is brash, Makima is the picture of subtlety, and her demure personality has Denji wrapped around her finger. But as manga readers know, there is far more to Makima's person than meets the eye.

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