Chainsaw Man: Studio MAPPA Addresses Its Investment in the Anime

Chainsaw Man is on the horizon at long last. The series is slated to drop its anime on October 11th, and that means all eyes are on Denji right now. After all, his big debut will be coming around courtesy of Studio MAPPA, and the company's CEO just got real in an interview about the investment MAPPA made in Chainsaw Man.

The conversation went down in Japan as MAPPA CEO Manabu Otsuka spoke with Shogo Sato. It was there the pair discussed the show's industry at large. The pair spoke about how anime deals work in Japan versus the United States. And when the topic of Chainsaw Man came up, Otsuka admitted MAPPA is putting its all into the show.

"On the other hand, we are 100% invested in "Chainsaw Man" this time. Of course, there are risks. However, it is a matter of course in business, and if you aim for further growth, you will need to compete big and take risks," the CEO shared.

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"Otsuka: The difference between Japanese and American production companies is that they have been able to materialize their global business development from the start. In other words, the return when successful is an order of magnitude. Of course, the current Pixar and Disney exist because they have won big battles and achieved success. Looking at Japan based on that, there is a strong tendency to avoid risks from the beginning, such as the production committee system."

Of course, anime fans have learned the ins and outs of production committees in recent years. The anime industry often relies on these groups to spread risk amongst companies and keep costs affordable for producers. Naturally, this means the profits of an anime are spread out, and this has often been blamed for the anime industry's flagging work conditions. MAPPA chose to forego a committee for Chainsaw Man and foot the production bill entirely in hopes its popularity would pay dividends in the end. And soon, the premiere of Chainsaw Man will prove whether the decision was good or bad. 

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