Chainsaw Man Editor Teases Fans with a Mystery Project

Things have been wild for Chainsaw Man since it was published, and things are about to get even more hectic for the hit series. Earlier this week, fans learned the manga is eyeing its final arc as Shonen Jump confirmed the story is preparing its final phase. As such, all eyes are on Chainsaw Man to see what's next for its team, and one new teaser has fans eyeing the manga all the harder.

After all, the editor of Chainsaw Man got fans buzzing after they posted a short message on Twitter. It was there Shihei Lin told fans they had news to share about the series, and it has nothing to do with Chainsaw Man's recent boost in sales.

"Good morning! I got up a little early today. Later this evening, I will tweet a little good news about Chainsaw Man. Oh, it's not about its total number of copies [in circulation]. Look forward to it," the message reads.

Clearly, Lin is holding back some news from fans, and netizens are eager to learn what's up. Any update about Chainsaw Man is a good one for readers, and many have already put forth guesses as to what Lin is teasing. You may have guessed this as well, but netizens are wondering whether an announcement could be made for a Chainsaw Man anime. After all, previous rumors have suggested such an adaptation is inevitable, so that could be on the docket today.


Still, it seems more likely that Chainsaw Man would save an anime announcement for Jump Festa this December. This makes it difficult to predict what Lin may share tonight, but fans are crossing their fingers it will be something good!

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