Chainsaw Man Is So Nerve-Wracking It Forced a Fan Off Social Media

When it comes to surprise hits, you need to look no further than Chainsaw Man. The manga began a [...]

When it comes to surprise hits, you need to look no further than Chainsaw Man. The manga began a couple of years back with fans showing solid interest in its dark supernatural plot. The gory series was known for little more than its violence, but that has all changed thanks to its recent twists. Chainsaw Man has become a horrifying work of psychological dread, and it forced one manga creator to take a short social media hiatus.

It turns out artist Mengo Yokoyari is a fan of Chainsaw Man, and they were as hyped as everyone else to read its new chapter. The update dropped this week after the manga put out a shocking cliffhanger last week. The update checked in on Denji after Makima showed her dangerous colors once again, Yokoyari found it too rattling to stay on social media for the rest of the day.

The artist took to Twitter to share an update with fans. Yokoyari, who is best-known for making Scum's Wish, drew the notice for fans informing them of their social media hiatus. The artist told fans the latest chapter of Chainsaw Man was too nerve-wracking for her, and she needed time to process the haunting update in all its impressive terror.

Of course, fans of the manga can understand her position. Chainsaw Man really did put Denji through the wringer this week. The manga's last chapter ended with a huge cliffhanger after Makima blew Power into smithereens after surprising Denji at home. The shocking move comes after Aki's death, and Makima explained her actions in this new chapter. The deranged woman told Denji she has taken it upon herself to punish Denji for his sins, and she intends to make the rest of his sad life hollow. Her speech was bleak enough to shake any reader, so we cannot blame Yokoyari for wanting to take a break after reading Chainsaw Man.

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