Death Note Cosplay Brings Misa Amane Back To Life

Death Note had a lot of complicated characters as it told the story of Kira, the young man Light Yagami who came into possession of the supernatural note book that allowed him to eliminate anyone he deemed unfit for his perfect society, but Misa Amane stuck out based on her place in the world and one fan has perfectly translated the character's anime look into the real world. Though the ultimate fate of Amane was unknown, though the series would have you believe that she committed suicide following the death of Light at the end of the series, she made her mark on the series.

Misa didn't just fall in love with Light due to his intelligence, but because they both had Death Notes that they had in their possession, but unlike Light and his shinigami Ryuuk, Amane had a loving relationship with her "death reaper", as the supernatural being legitimately wanted Misa to be safe and sound throughout the franchise. Yagami used Amane throughout the series for his own end, having her become a cog in his machine at battling his foes and attempting to create the world by eliminating criminals and anyone that stood in his way. Though Death Note had a sequel story that arrived as a single chapter, Amane was nowhere to be found, leading credence to the idea that she died at the tail end of the series.

Instagram Cosplayer Nekazaria put together some stunning cosplay that was able to translate the tragic character of Amane from Death Note into the real world, capturing the aesthetic of Light Yagami's better half who ultimately wasn't able to save her partner from a deserving demise:

Death Note's recent sequel focused on a young man who received the supernatural note book but wasn't looking to change the world like Light and Misa, but rather, wanted to become rich by selling the book to entire countries that would be interested in taking possession of this devastating weapon. Though Minoru, the new protagonist, wasn't able to escape that was somewhat similar to Light's, it made for another worthy entry into the franchise.

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