Netflix Orders New Death Note Project From Stranger Things' Creators

The Duffer Brothers have seen quite a bit of success with their masterpiece of a television series known as Stranger Things, with the fourth season of the show becoming so sought after that it crashed Netflix's servers when the last two episodes premiered. Now, the creative siblings have started a new production company for the streaming service, and one of the first projects is set to be a new live-action adaptation of one of the biggest anime series, Death Note.

As Deadline details, the new television series will be a brand new, live-action take on the story of Light Yagami and the mysterious notebook that allows him to kill anyone he wants as long as he knows their name and has seen their face. While Netflix had released a live-action film, this new series will be completely unrelated, leaving the plans for the sequel film now up for debate. 

The original Death Note series might have come to an end with Light meeting a much-deserved fate, but creators Tsugumi Ohba and Takeshi Obata returned to the world of Ryuuk and the Shinigami via a sequel manga one-shot that saw a new inheritor of the killer book emerging. On top of this series, the anime creators also recently released a new series in Platinum End, which saw a young protagonist being drawn into a bizarre tournament wherein the universe was deciding which member of mankind would become god. 

The original live-action Death Note movie on Netflix came out in 2017, with horror director Adam Wingard releasing an adaptation that was quite controversial amongst the anime community. Starring Nat Wolff as Light and Willem Dafoe voicing the role of Ryuuk, there had been rumblings that a sequel was being developed, though said rumblings might be a thing of the past at this point.

The Deadline article also goes into detail when it comes to Upside Down Pictures tackling a new horror series, The Talisman, which will adapt the 1984 novel from Stephen King and Peter Straub. The premise of this series is in-line with Stranger Things, as it involves a large amount of fantasy while also introducing a werewolf that the Duffer Brothers describe as "the best werewolf character ever."

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Via Deadline