Death Note 2 Producer Says Sequel Will Address Fan Complaints

Death Note is one of the more recent live-action anime adaptations done under Netflix, and its legacy is a complicated one. While some ended up liking the unique take on the series, plenty of anime fans were left disappointed by its big changes. Now, the hope is that Death Note 2 might fix things for the Netflix production, and a producer has admitted the sequel is happening with fan complaints in mind.

So, let's back it up for a minute. If you did not know, Masi Oka was brought in as a producer for Death Note, and he also took part in the Netflix film starring Nat Wolff. These days, Oka is busy with his work on shows like Star Wars: Visions, and the producer did speak about Death Note 2 during a chat with ScreenRant recently.

"All I can say is still in the works," Oka admitted when asked about the sequel. "Nothing has been decided either way. I can say that we are listening to the fans and hopefully the fans will be happy with the direction we're going."

As you can see above, Oka did take time to mention fans specifically in his answer. After all, the anime fandom is the reason why the medium has exploded in recent years. The steadfast community is only growing, and old-school fans who grew up with Death Note helped build a foundation for anime globally. When they say Hollywood mangle Death Note for live-action, many swore off further adaptations, but Oka wants those fans to know he hears them.

At this point, fans know nothing concrete about Death Note 2 or its status. If the project is ever made, the audience may be more willing to test it out. After all, the live-action adaptation of Cowboy Bebop will go live next month. If the show works out, Death Note will have some hope. Now, we have to wait and see what happens, but we're keeping our fingers crossed for Death Note's future.


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