Netflix's Death Note 2 Writer Promises to Go Back to the Manga's Roots

Death Note has been out of the headlines for some time now, but the franchise isn't lacking in [...]

Death Note has been out of the headlines for some time now, but the franchise isn't lacking in attention. The hit manga continues to find new fans by the week along with the anime. Following the series' live-action go at Netflix, fans wondered what would come with its sequel. Now, writer Greg Russo has opened up to about the project, and he says he's eager to bring Death Note back to its roots. was able to speak with Russo ahead of the release of Mortal Kombat which he penned. It was there Russo briefly touched on Death Note 2 and his work on the script.

(Photo: Netflix)

"Oh, I'm so excited. I really am," he shared. "I wasn't involved in the first film.... but I am a huge, huge fan of the original manga. I think it's the greatest manga ever written."

Continuing, Russo said his entry into Death Note was a simple job for him. The writer says he wants "to bring Death Note back to the manga roots." This is a key piece of information for fans as netizens have pleaded for this. Netflix's first live-action outing was hard to approach given its radically different story. When seen as an interpretation, Death Note did well with audiences, but fans of the manga were left bereft. So if Russo wants to do anything, it is to throw a bone to those fans.

"I want to bring it back to that chess match between Light and L that's the heart of the story. I want it to be cerebral, and I want it to be just intense and [have] psychological warfare that makes the manga so awesome," the writer stressed. "We're going to do something really exciting with it. We're going to take it in a new direction, using the existing template from the first film, and I'm really excited."

At this point, there is very little information out about the Death Note sequel, but Russo seems eager for the company to open up those details. Director Adam Wingard oversaw the first film, but there is no word on who will tackle the supernatural thriller this time around.

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