Demon Slayer Actor Say the Show's Success Won't Raise Their Salary

Demon Slayer is one of the hottest series in the world right now, and it has the receipts to prove as much. From the manga to the anime, this supernatural series has become a favorite with fans across Japan and the world. Demon Slayer has banked well over a billion yen in the last year alone, but despite its success, the show's impressive cast won't see a penny of it added to their salary.

Recently, this info was shared with fans when voice actor Hochu Otsuka appeared on Fuji TV. It was there the 66-year-old actor who plays Sakonji Urokodaki in the anime admitted his pay for Demon Slayer will not be increased because of the show's success.

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According to Otsuka, voice actors are locked in at a fixed pay rate before they even start recording a show. Each actor's pay is based on their seniority in the field, popularity, experience, and more. The actor stressed this agreed salary stays the same no matter how popular and anime becomes. And if you thought royalties would trickle down to the actors, well - you would be wrong.

Continuing, Otsuka says this salary contract is hard to work around, but actors get rewarded in other ways for starring in popular series. The exposure inevitably leads to more paying gigs whether they be public appearances, concerts, or other gigs. And as an actor's stardom rises within the industry, it isn't impossible for talent to renegotiate their salary for a future season. But when it comes to Demon Slayer, it seems the Japanese actors have a ways to go before such a meeting could be held.

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