Dragon Ball Super and Demon Slayer Artists Welcome New Year with Special Performances

As people around the world await for the new year of 2021 to arrive, Japan has already gotten [...]

As people around the world await for the new year of 2021 to arrive, Japan has already gotten things started with performances by two musical artists that have helped to put both Dragon Ball Super and Demon Slayer on the map with renditions of their hit sons in "Limit Break X Survivor" and "Gurenge" respectively! Kiyoshi Hikawa of Dragon Ball fame and LiSA of Demon Slayer fame performed their top songs during the New Year's Eve event held by the broadcasting company of NHK, ringing in the new year with a serious anime style!

Kiyoshi's theme song was the final intro for the Dragon Ball Super anime, giving us a hyped-up anthem for the Tournament of Power Arc that saw Goku and the Z Fighters battling against the universes of other realities. Though we have yet to hear about when the anime for Akira Toriyama's epic Shonen series will return, we certainly would welcome another banger from Hikawa for the anime. On the other side of the coin. LiSA's "Gurenge" theme has been shattering records alongside Demon Slayer, with the artist's song selling like hot cakes following its introduction as the opening theme for Ufotable's popular anime's first season!

Twitter User DBS Chronicles shared the two outlandish performances from both LiSA and Kiyoshi for their respective anime series, which helped push the Shonen franchises to reach new heights when it came to popularity as fans await the arrival of confirmation for future anime seasons of both stories:

While Demon Slayer's story might have come to an end in the manga, Dragon Ball Super's is starting a brand new story arc to kick off 2021 with the "Granola The Survivor Arc", which plays off several elements and characters that were introduced during the Moro storyline. Despite the adventures of Tanjiro and Nezuko seemingly being done in print, there is still plenty of territory yet to be explored for the anime to adapt, whether it be through a television series or new movies!

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