Japan's Prime Minister Delivers Demon Slayer Quote During Budget Meeting

Demon Slayer is becoming harder and harder to ignore. Anime and manga fans are inundated by the hit series regularly while the debut of Tanjiro's film has brought the franchise to the masses. With millions of fans by its side, Demon Slayer has become a household topic in many places, and it has even gripped the prime minister of Japan. After all, the politician quoted the anime in a recent committee meeting, and Yoshihide Suga is going viral over the moment.

The situation was a simple one as it began during a recent meeting involving Suga. The politician, who recently assumed the position as prime minister following the exit of Abe Shinzo, attended a budget committee meeting this week. It was there reports say Suga spoke with Kenji Eda, a member of the Constitutional Democratic Party of Japan. The two used to work together, and Eda said it feels strange to be a political opponent to Suga given their differing stances.

The former coworkers still seem to be on good terms, and Suga responded to Eda's thoughts with care. That is why he decided to reference Demon Slayer as the prime minister said the following:

"Since I am dealing with you, Mr. Eda, I will use 'total concentration breathing' in delivering my response."

The clip of Suga's addressable has gone viral thanks to the popularity of Demon Slayer. Even the chief cabinet secretary commented on the moment, saying, "I know that this 'total concentration breathing' is a breathing method used in Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba but I don't know if the Prime Minister himself has read the manga."

It is hardly a surprise that Suga is aware of Demon Slayer. The series is one of the biggest in Japan right now, and its movie singlehandedly revived the country's box office. The move has made more than $150 million USD in less than twenty days, so it goes without saying that Tanjiro is kind of a big deal.

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