Demon Slayer Surprises With Major Upper Rank Fake-Out

Demon Slayer's latest anime episode hit fans with a major Upper Rank demon fake-out! (Warning: Demon Slayer Episode 40 SPOILERS Follow!) In the latest installment of the anime's Entertainment District Arc, Tanjiro fought a battle of a different sort, trying to keep his powered-up demon sister Nezuko from losing control in the battle against Upper Rant Six, Daki. However, when Sound Hashira Tengen (finally) arrives on the scene, he dispatches Daki with what he thinks is ease, not even believing she's Upper Rank. Well, Tengen turns out to be right, because it's revealed that Daki is not the only one using her body

The beautiful Daki turns out to have a grotesque "brother" named Gyutaro. Gyutaro emerges from Daki's body after Tengen swiftly beheads the snake-like demon girl; because of Gyutaro, even the traditional method of cutting off heads doesn't take down Daki, and Gyutaro's power turns out to be even more horrific than his sister's! 

Not only does Gyutaro move as fast (faster?) than Tengen, he also has even faster regenerative powers than Daki, and is able to heal his sister, as well as himself. Worst of all, Gyutaro's "Blood Demon Art" uses "blood sickles" he can control at will to cause massive destruction – weapons that Tengen can't even counter, as the thick blood cannot be sliced in any traditional sense. 

From what we've seen so far, Gyutaro's entire psychosis is tied to his ugly, decript, state as compared to his sister's flawless and beautiful appearance. The Upper Rank demon is clearly one of the most psychotic demons we've seen yet amongst the Upper Ranks, as his jealousy of Tengen's good looks, power, and three wives(!) is making him lashing-out in an attempt to ruin the Hashira's pretty face. 

(Photo: Infotable)

We know that Demon Slayer likes to take things deeper with its portrayal of the demonic adversaries that Tanjiro and co. face, giving them actual backstory to help deepen the thematic resonance of the duels. Daki and Gyutaro are the most interesting foes we've seen so far, which has only helped to distinguish this Entertainment District Arc as a new height of accomplishment for Infotable and the Demon Slayer anime series. Fans can't wait for the next episode, which will see the Demon Slayers go all-out in the battle to finish off Gyutaro and Daki

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