Demon Slayer: Infinity Train Confirms Release Date of New Trailer and Poster

The wait is on for more of Demon Slayer, fans! Hopes were high over the weekend that the anime would have an update to share with fans, but the cancellation of Anime Japan changed all those plans. It turns out the folks behind Demon Slayer and its movie have a release date in mind for its next update... but it might take longer than fans would like.

Recently, fans got an update about Demon Slayer when a few big announcements went live. It was announced the anime would be getting a console video game, but that is not all! The team told fans Demon Slayer is slated to make some anime announcements but they will not come until the start of April.

According to AnimeTV, the update will go down on April 10 in Japan at around 10:30 pm local time. AbemaTV will host the informercial about Demon Slayer: Infinity Train, and the announcement promises a new trailer and visual are on the way.


For fans, they admit it is nice to have a date in hand, but they are ever-so-slightly miffed by the wait. The fandom expected the content to come this weekend with no avail. There is no word on why there's been a delay in updates for the movie, but Demon Slayer fans agree it is important to give the team their time. After all, Demon Slayer is known for its visuals, and fans would rather a trailer take longer to debut so long as it looks good! The movie isn't expect to go live until later this summer or even fall, after all. There is still lots of time for the crew to roll out news bulletins.

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